MSP and IT Companies

we are stronger together connects Vendors with MSPs and IT Service Providers. It provides a platform to facilitate the sharing of best practices and donated products and services to help ALL businesses thrive during this pandemic. Together we are stronger.

Covid Virus

Supporting the whole industry is important to all of us in the long run. All companies are working hard to carry on during this pandemic. Sharing resources that can trickle down to clients will ensure our industry can weather this storm.

Vendors do you have:

  • Communication templates
  • Free product trials
  • Support products

that MSPs can use or offer their clients?

MSPs and IT providers do you need:

  • Support with client communications
  • Tools or products to support your own company
  • Products to pass along to clients

that will help your company through these tough times?

Please reach out with your information to donate or receive support.



How Did This All Start?

Feeling compelled to help, and identifying the need of the MSPs and IT Service Providers to be the firm, steady hand during this crisis, especially because of their unique position in their Clients’ businesses, Al Alper, CEO of CyberGuard360 started a Goodwill Campaign to donate the successful work his company had been doing.

Al’s purpose was to empower the MSP and IT Service Provider community with the collateral, material and guidance they need to be ‘more than a tech’ to their clients by giving them, at no cost or obligation everything his company used to connect with clients at a business and personal level. The response was overwhelming, and MSPs flooded to receive the information and material.

Shortly thereafter Vendors from all walks of business approached Al to see how they could help, and MSP Strong was born.

We are proud to connect giving donor Vendors with wanting MSPs and IT Service Providers.